Happy Valentine’s Day! Go Love People


In Latin America’s Costa Rica today, Valentine’s Day is actually called the “Friendship Day.”  The scope of the celebration extends beyond romantic love to include the wider range of how we can love other people.  Seemed like a perfect day to talk about loving people.

Loving people is central to being a human.  Even when we talk about loving God above all things, remember that He is the God who “so loved” people that He gave His son to come and give His life to set them free.  God’s heart absolutely loves people.  Like new parents with a little baby or a young man dazzled by his beautiful fiancee as she walks into the room, God is dazzled by people.  It is so central to who He is that He built it into us.

This older Birdy video was filmed in Paris and is filled with beautiful imagery that captures that richness within every human being.  It’s like a training video for starting to see strangers on the street from the vantage point of one who knows each one’s value.

While we sometimes see loving people as a personality trait, it is not.  It is what we were made for.  Extroverts are no better at it than introverts.  For all of us, loving people is a muscular activity that requires regular “work outs” to get good at it.

So today, love every chance you get.  Give yourself the space to open your eyes to see each cashier, each pedestrian, each quiet person in the corner as a gift of God to be valued, cherished and loved.  And have one heck of a happy Valentine’s Day! – Jamie Johnson



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